Program Benefits

 In addition to the individual modules the club will undertake a holistic approach to working with youth.  All four programs will be able to access training, academic support and mental health support. Bill Dallas Scholarship

Training will be a fluid component to the program. Annually staff will assess the youth participating and the needs of those individuals to determine what training opportunities are offered. There will be some training opportunities that will be offered each year as well a unique choices to the given youth group. 

Youth will also benefit form ongoing academic support from staff. With access to several academic programs the club will look to support the youth to continue their academic growth. In addition the Leadership for Life program will dedicated 2 scholarship per year to a deserving youth within the program. This could be a youth that is graduating or still in school.

Youth will take part in 40 Developmental Assests assessment and will have ongoing support from the Warehouse youth staff. The club recognizes that 1 in 4 youth are impacted by mental health and in today’s society this number is growing. The club will complete an assessment of each youth participant to determine areas of strength and need. This information will help the club to support youth to manage their day to day challenges as needed.

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