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Financial Support

Boys & Girls Clubs of Kawartha Lakes

Contact or visit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kawartha Lakes (705) 324-4493 if you are in need of financial assistance for any of our programs, services, or memberships.

Child Care Subsidy

You may qualify for a child care subsidy through the City of Kawartha Lakes for the following Boys & Girls Club programs:

-Before school
-After school
-PA Days
-March Break, Christmas Break
-Summer Camps
-Licensed Child Care

Click here for more information Child Care Subsidy offered by the City of Kawartha Lakes.

Or contact the Children’s Services Division
Department of Health and Social Services
322 Kent St. W.
Lindsay ON K9V 4S7

Phone: 705-324-9870
Toll free: 1-877-324-9870

JUMP START - Canadian Tire Foundation for Families

The Jump Start program is a community based charitable program designed to help kids participate in sports and recreation activities.

The program is delivered by a nation-wide network of Local Chapters which are made up of many different people and organizations. The Lindsay Chapter is the Boys & Girls Club of Kawartha Lakes.

The Jump Start program is available to children and youth ages 4-18 years, who are interested in sports and/or recreational activities.

Jump Start accepts applications during two sessions throughout the year: January 15 to June 15 & July 1 to November 15.

You may only submit one request per child per session, up to a total of two submissions per year.

How to Apply for Jumpstart Funding:

Click here to Apply Online for Hockey Submissions @: Jumpstart BIG PLAY- Hockey online app lication

Click Here to Apply Online for all other active programs @: Jumpstart Online Application

Apply @ the Club by submitting your forms.  Please ensure all forms are completed before submitting as your application cannot be processed without all content being completed. All swimming applications are submitted to the Lindsay Recreation Complex for processing and all Lindsay gymnastics applications are submitted directly to the Lindsay Gymnastics Club.

If you have general questions or need further assistance please contact one of our office staff at (705) 324-4493.

For inquiries about the status of your Jump Start application please contact Deb Weightman, Children's Services Coordinator.

Click here for (not required for an online application)  Description of Jump Start Application Process!

Click here for hardcopy of (not required for an online application)  Jump Start Application Form!

For more info, please visit Jump Start.

Join in CKL website 

The join in CKL website is an access point for service providers and families that captures physical activity opportunities and information and helps local residents thrive and be active. It is a way for sports groups and leagues to connect with new users.

Working together: The Boys and Girls Clubs of Kawartha Lakes, HKPR District Health Unit, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kawartha Lakes-Haliburton, Community Living Kawartha Lakes, Safe Communities Kawartha Lakes, Lindsay Wildcats Basketball, City of Kawartha Lakes Parks, Recreation & Culture, and the local Health for Life project, are committed to working with our municipality and other agencies to:

  • develop and implement open access policies with physical activity providers
  • eliminate access to equipment as a barrier
  • promote free opportunities for physical activity
  • streamline the process to access financial support relating to participation
  • promote the benefits of physical activity as a foundation for a healthy community
  • build social ties in neighborhoods

The partners believe that removing barriers to access and creating opportunities and conditions where everyone can thrive is a shared responsibility. We recognize that as community leaders we will continue to build partnerships at the local level to remove barriers and create opportunities for everyone, especially low-income individuals and families, to join in!

For more information or to get involved, call 705-324-3569 or visit

Children's Fitness Tax Credit

The children's fitness tax credit lets parents claim up to $500 per year for eligible fitness expenses paid for each child who is under 16 years of age at the beginning of the year in which the expenses are paid.

Click here for Children's Fitness Tax Credit on Revenue Canada's Website.

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