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What We Do (Small)

All Boys & Girls Clubs focus on four areas of healthy child development, addressing the top concerns of parents about their children's well-being & development.

Families & Communities

Programs build the capacity of families/communities to support the health and aspirations of children and youth. Includes programs that help families to connect with broader social networks, work with the community and government, ensure children and youth have the resources they need, and provide care and transportation.

Physical Activity, Health & Safety

Programs increase the capacity to make healthy choices, engage in positive behaviours and nurture safety and well-being. Programs develop positive attitudes and behaviours, healthy eating, constructive use of leisure time, skills for stress management, appreciation for the environment, capacity to nurture well-being, and for self and others.

Leadership, Growth & Empowerment

Programs nurture confidence, provide opportunities to develop and practice leadership skills, empower them to support and influence the Club and the community. Programs enable children and youth to sustain meaningful relationships with others, develop positive self-image and character, participate in society, respect cultural identities, and live successfully as adults.

Learning & Career Development

Programs develop and achieve educational goals, career aspirations and embrace life-long learning. Programs help with literacy and numeracy,
develop self-expression, creativity and cultural awareness, prepare for employment, and promote a love of learning and discovery. 

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