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Bounce Back League

What is the BBL?

The BBL is designed for children to:

• Develop physical skills so they can gain confidence in sport and physical activity.
• Develop life skills to help them bounce back from the ups and downs of playing sport and living life such as how to manage emotions, how to develop positive relationships through teamwork and how to make decisions that will help them make healthy choices in life.
• Provide children with the opportunity to test out their skills by playing the sport they are learning so that they can experience competition but in a way that is designed to be fun and engaging.

Bounce Back League (BBL) Skills: What are they?

BBL is designed to equip players with three specific skills intended to be used in sport and to help them in life. These skills are taught and reinforced by coaches. Each of these three skills has been created to assist child and youth development and to increase resilience. The three skills are:

1-Come to Play:
Knowing myself and preparing myself to make the most of the opportunities and challenges in front of me.

2-Build My Team:
Investing in people to form a system for support and skill building together.

3-Play On:
Persisting and adapting when faced with adversity and staying on my positive path no matter what.

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