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Virtual FAQ

We have worked hard to develop an interactive and fun virtual experience that mimics the best parts of our after school programs. Our Virtual programs are held at specific times and in an interactive way. This is important as we want to offer valuable social interactions to your kids where they get to spend time with our trained camp staff and other kids.

How does Virtual After School Programs work?
Your child will join a virtual group with 2 live leaders and other children their age in a group of no more than 20 children. Program leaders have designed highly interactive and remarkably fun sessions tailored to your child’s age, and a specific set of skills. Virtual After School Programs are a great way for your child to connect with friends, make new friends, while being creative and learning new skills. 

How are virtual activities good for my child?
We provide a good mix of educational activities as well as activities that are simply fun and allow your child to be social with their peers and our staff. They allow your child to dive into a world outside their home. It also gives parents a chance to do their own thing for a little while!. 

How do kids join each day?
Our virtual after school sessions are held on Zoom. Generally, our participants have their videos on so we can interact with them at all times. The platform allows for an interactive live experience that keeps the kids engaged. Ideally your child has access to a laptop, phone or tablet for the time of the session. For more information about the program, please see the attached FAQ’s.


Q: What do we need to partake in the sessions?
A: Your child will need access to a computer or table during the session. We will be using the platform Zoom. You will receive a link prior to the session, along with a password, through which you can join the meeting – no Microsoft account is required to do so.

Q: What materials are needed for the program?
A: We provide a list of materials required prior to the week of camp by e-mail. We will try to only use material that you have at home. Generally plastic bags, towels, rolled up socks, paper, crayons and coloring pencils. Also recycled material like egg cartons, glass containers, etc. 

Q: What if I have a younger child at home?
A: Siblings that don’t yet meet the age limit can certainly be present and watch the sessions too. However, only the child registered will be able to actively take part in the session.

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