Send a Kid to Camp

Send a Kid to Camp

Your donation ensures that no child is denied a camp experience due to financial barriers. You can send a child to camp for a day or a whole week! We know that camp can be a life changing experience for a child with memories that last a lifetime. 

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Each year, you have made the difference in the life of a child by sending them to camp through the Kelli Mitchell Camp Fund. Thank you! 

The kids need your help again this year! The fund ensures that no child is turned away from camp because of financial difficulties. You can send a child to camp for just a day or a whole week! 

They can make new friends, try new skills, be creative, get active and take special trips to places they might not otherwise ever see. Summer camp can impact a child for years to come! 

We know you care about the kids in this community, especially the ones that are dealing with hardships. That’s why I’m writing to you. Summer memories of camp will last a lifetime! Kelli Mitchell was a special little girl who loved camp and helping other children. This Camp Fund was created so that the memory of Kelli could help children who can only imagine what camp is like.  

Your gift will ensure they experience it!
Thanks for sending a kid to camp! You are doing something good and important. The kids know it too!

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