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Susan De Nure Fund

In 2017, we decided to expand on Susan’s dream and become even more involved with the children and youth in our community. We are pleased to announce that the Susan DeNure Sports Fund will now be known as the Susan DeNure Fund in order to incorporate all programs that we support.

The Susan DeNure Fund now sponsors the Youth Meal Program facilitated by BGC Kawarthas. With this program, many youths who would otherwise not receive a meal, prepare and eat dinner daily at the club.

In addition, the Susan DeNure Fund will inspire young people to travel. DeNure Tours will operate an annual trip that will be available to members of BGC Kawarthas. And every year we will ensure that kids will not miss out if they do not have the means.

A lot has been accomplished over the past six years. We are glad that we have been able to take Susan’s wish to “buy bikes for kids” and expand that to other sports, healthy meals and travel opportunities.

We are eager to see what the next six years will bring!

Ray DeNure

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