5KM/ 10KM Team Divisions

The Shamrock Sprint Team division provides a great opportunity for individuals to compete as part of male, female or mixed male/female team in the 5KM. An individual can be a member of one team only.

What Constitutes a Team?

Each team must be made up of four to eight runners. All team members will count to toward the team score.  Results will be determined by taking the times of the top four runners on your team.

How to Register a team

Before a team can be registered, a Team Captain must be identified. During the on-line registration process, once the Team Captain has entered his or her personal information, he/she will have the opportunity to select the “Become a Team Captain” option at the bottom of the registration page. From there, the Captain will be able to register the team’s name and select a password that other team members will use to register for the Shamrock Sprint. It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to contact his/her team members and pass on the team name and password.

If would either like to start or join a team, you can do so by contacting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kawartha Lakes for assistance 705-324-4493 ex.203

Role of Team Captain

As described above, you will need to register your team’s name, select a password and let your team members know the name and password.

If you are short a team member or two, check with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kawartha Lakes and we will support you to get another team member.

All team members are responsible for picking up their own race kits.

Team Members

If you are registering as a team member, please make sure you have received from the team captain the team name and password before you start the registration process. Once you have entered your personal registration information, you will have the opportunity to select “Join a Team” . You will be asked to select a team and enter a password.  If you have any challenges please reach out to hmccullough@bgckl.com

During Race Kit Pick-Up you are responsible for picking up your own race kit.

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